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About our web development approach

Art Network Australia Pty Ltd has extensive experience in recent years in web design, development and e-commerce for the arts industry.

The vast majority of the websites we build are 'dynamic', giving content owners the ability to publish, update and delete information from their own site. We provide customised content management systems that cater to each client's particular needs, deploying appropriate technologies, databases, blogs (e.g. WordPress), shopping cart and e-commerce systems according to industry best-practice standards of web development.

For art galleries, we offer the added benefit of seamless automatic publishing on our portal at www.art.net.au. Enter exhibitions and art works once, and they populate both your website and Art.net.au (if desired).

Our staff has extensive experience in the challenges faced by small galleries through to large institutions, such as the computerisation of large art collections, publishing large image libraries online and streamlining workflows across large arts organisations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a quote or an assessment of your online needs. Some of the websites we've developed are listed on our front page

Want to use social media in your online approach? We can help.

Social media, and in particular Facebook and Twitter are pervasive, and offer alternative ways of reaching a (quite often younger) section of your client base. As part of your overall content strategy we can advise you about setting up content workflows in your business to drive your social media content.